I never would have thought, after watching The Property Brothers Show for five years, that one day I would be working on the show!  But that is the case this spring as I act as the real estate consultant for an entire season of new shows being filmed in Nashville.  And yes, Drew and Jonathan, are just as nice and funny as they are on the show!  Very real and down to earth.  I’ve actually used some of Drew’s one-liners over the years (“emotional value does not equate market value”) and to get to know him and his brother is to see why they are so famous now.  The show has been filming all over the area with episodes coming up in East Nashville, Music Row, Green Hills, West Meade, Brentwood, and Franklin.  It has been a fascinating process to watch the crew and the producers work and get those makeovers down to an hour show!  Watch HGTV this fall for the Nashville season.  I’ll post later when they will be shown.


Did you know Vanderbilt University and Hospital are Nashville’s largest private employer?  With 23,000+ employees, it is a dominant force in more than just medicine and academics.  Think of how that many people in such a small physical area of downtown Nashville affects traffic, housing, and the local economy.  We love our Vanderbilt employees and candidates and always look forward to helping them buy and sell homes!


Yes, it’s that time of the year again!  Farmers Markets are springing up around town.  Couple that with that with the beautiful flower markets, and it’s easy to run out and get fruit and veggies for dinner and flowers for the table!  Some locations where Farmer Trucks will be available:

·      Sevier Park

·      Hillsboro High School

·      J. T. Moore Middle School