I never would have thought, after watching The Property Brothers Show for five years, that one day I would be working on the show!  But that is the case this spring as I act as the real estate consultant for an entire season of new shows being filmed in Nashville.  And yes, Drew and Jonathan, are just as nice and funny as they are on the show!  Very real and down to earth.  I’ve actually used some of Drew’s one-liners over the years (“emotional value does not equate market value”) and to get to know him and his brother is to see why they are so famous now.  The show has been filming all over the area with episodes coming up in East Nashville, Music Row, Green Hills, West Meade, Brentwood, and Franklin.  It has been a fascinating process to watch the crew and the producers work and get those makeovers down to an hour show!  Watch HGTV this fall for the Nashville season.  I’ll post later when they will be shown.


5300 Cherry Blossom Trail was a fun and interesting listing to have!  Owners John and Sally York, both of Vanderbilt, had taken great care of the property over the past five years and made many improvements.  And frankly, it was my favorite house in our old neighborhood of Forest Hills!  Who could deny that gorgeous Williamsburg style home with the beautiful screen porch was not one of the most well known landmark homes in Forest Hills!  We had huge traffic to see the house and it sold in 30 days.  (And it wasn’t painted white!)  And it was the only listing I’ve ever had with a pizza oven!  Made by hand by John and his daughter, Michelle.  I know the new owners are loving it.


Did you know Vanderbilt University and Hospital are Nashville’s largest private employer?  With 23,000+ employees, it is a dominant force in more than just medicine and academics.  Think of how that many people in such a small physical area of downtown Nashville affects traffic, housing, and the local economy.  We love our Vanderbilt employees and candidates and always look forward to helping them buy and sell homes!


If you are a public school teacher, making $40-60,000, how are you supposed to buy a house?  Well, it is possible.  Many lenders are ready to help our teachers (and other municipal workers) with low-interest, government-backed loans. And our state housing agency, THDA, is already prepared to help with low-interest loans for closing costs and down payment assistance. Try to have some savings, around 3% of the price, work on improving your credit, and go to a reputable lender who knows how to work with FHA and THDA. You wouldn't believe the beautiful homes out there that are within reach for teachers!


What is it with all these white new construction houses all over Green Hills!?  They are everywhere!  Buyers have spoken and builders are answering the call. White houses and cool, white kitchens are in demand.  Even some older homes are being painted white to go on the market and attract today’s buyers.  How long will this trend last?  My guess is a while.  I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon myself!


Yes, it’s that time of the year again!  Farmers Markets are springing up around town.  Couple that with that with the beautiful flower markets, and it’s easy to run out and get fruit and veggies for dinner and flowers for the table!  Some locations where Farmer Trucks will be available:

·      Sevier Park

·      Hillsboro High School

·      J. T. Moore Middle School


Hard to believe Nashville, Music City USA, the Athens of the South, etc. is once again the It City as pronounced by the New York Times!  Just because we have everything – sports, tons of cool restaurants, music venues, wonderful parks and outdoorsy things to do, mild weather, and friendly people!  But since we live here already, we know all this.  Come on down, y'all!  You can find out for yourself!  Nashville is hip and cool . . . and welcoming.  We have a wonderful Mayor, Megan Barry, and many corporate, academic and artistic aesthetics that together make Nashville a wonderful place to live!